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Movies For Foodies

We all love movies and food so when we see our two passions combined, the pleasure of watching is doubled. Food and cuisine create a magical theme for movies so we have gathered for you our top five delicious movies about food and the pleasure of eating.

Julie & Julia

Known for Meryl Stree’s incredible portrayal of Julia Child, the renowned chef and television personality who introduced French cuisine to the Americans, Julie & Julia is also a delectable film. It follows Julia Child as well as modern New Yorker Julie (Amy Adams) who tries to recreate Child’s famous recipes, making the movie not just about food but about two women trying to make it in life.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

This movie has some wonderful performances and revolves around an Indian family opening an ethnic diner in rural French village right across from acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant run by Madame Mallory (Hellen Mirren). It’s a journey of discovery and initiation of the senses where two very different worlds collide.

The Lunchbox

Overshadowed by Hollywood blockbusters, this sweet and quiet film will take you to India where two lonely people strike a pen-pal relationship by exchanging hidden letters in a lunchbox. The movie that will introduce you to India’s dabbawalas lunch delivery system for office workers has some beautifully shot food scenes.

Woman on Top

Starring Penelope Cruz in one her most beloved English speaking performances, ‘Woman On Top’ tells the story of a Brazilian Woman who has to restart her personal and professional life and becomes a local cook show. The movie is both quirky and charming with a fantasist look on food.

Eat Pray Love

From the title of both book written by acclaimed writer Elizabeth Gilbert and movie starring Julia Roberts, we’ll just focus on the ‘eat’ part, which is franly the best part of the movie. And there’s nothing as enjoyable as watching the protagonist Liz enjoy the pleasure of food by eating in Italy before she embarks on the rest of her journey of self-discovery.

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