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Watch Qatar Airways’ Promotional Safety Video Starring FC Barcelona’s Best Names


Qatar Airways has been bringing up its A-game through its advertising in the last years. Its latest commercial takes a twist on the familiar in-flight safety video you have watched at least once if you have ever been on a plane.
The safety demonstration videos that you keep watching every time you take a flight somewhere are pretty boring, and they can get repetitive if you travel frequently. Well, Qatar Airways decided to mix safety with fun, and bring those safety in-flight videos to your home. At first, it might not seem a good idea but the cool thing about this ad is that it brings a list of A-star FC Barcelona players like Messi, Suarez, Neymar and Piqué, among others.
It is not the first time that Qatar Airways has collaborated with FC Barcelona. After all, the Barcelona club has a sponsorship deal with the airline but we could say that this is the first ad whose goal is not solely to entertain but also to inform the passengers.
In the video below, you can see the players demonstrate along with the help of crew members how to fasten and unfasten the seat belts, adopt the crash position and inflate the life jacket properly.
The video created by 180 Amsterdam for Qatar Airways was uploaded to the airline’s YouTube channel last month and has gathered so far more than 11.2 million views. A tagline shows at the end of the video: “Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona. A team that unites the world”. In other words, we can definitely say that they are a winning team.
After watching the video, tell us in the comments if the new ad by Qatar Airways was a hit or a miss.

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