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Fragrances Of The Orient

Every place in the world is characterized by a specific scent or aroma. In the orient, people are accustomed to rich, sweet, and strong scents, these smells fall in the category of Oud. Oud is usually a unisex smell, men, and women can both wear the same oud fragrance, and according to their skin type in emits a flavorful aroma that lasts for hours and hours.

So today we have rounded up our favorite oud perfume by world renowned designers:

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid:

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is a fragrance we have loved for the past five years or so, and it is a fragrance that no matter how long you wear, you never get bored of. With rich and dark accords, and an alluring potion of black orchid, this iconic fragrance is a statement for itself.T0-BLACK-ORCHID_OC_50ML_A

Giorgio Armani’s Armani Prive, Oud Royal:

Georgio Armani made quite a true statement about this amazing fragrance; he exclaimed “Treating it as a piece of jewelry is the only way to do justice to its magnificent riches.” The Armani Prive, Oud Royal is made of a combination of wood notes, smoky accents, with balsamic and floral tones. This fragrance is timeless, and it is the type that never leaves your body, but only becomes more beautiful the longer one wears it.


Ermenegildo Zegna’s Indonesian Oud:

Zegna, is one of our favorite men’s wear brands, and thankfully they have released an amazing line of perfumes with oud bases. Our favorite of this line if the Indonesian oud, the star ingredient of this fragrance is naturally Indonesian oud, with notes of bergamot, amber, rose, patchouli, and myrrh; this fragrance is distilled via centuries old methods.


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