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On Our Favorite Milliners Of All Time

Millinery is the art and craftsmanship of designing, and making hats. Nowadays, milliners make hats for mostly a female clientele. Unfortunately men have ceased to decorate their heads with gorgeous hats and creations.

Today, we take a look at and give credit to three of the most creative milliners of all time.


Paulette was France’s leading milliner for over thirty years. She began making hats in 1921, and moved on to establish her own studio by the 1939. She reinvented the turban, one of our favorite pieces of headwear. Paulette later designed hats for Chanel, Emmanuel Ungaro, Thierry Mugler, and Laroche.

For evening and dinner wear , a delicate and refined harmony has been created in the pink and grey tones . Milliner Madame Paulette tops a close fitting toque with fluffy shocking-pink rose petals . 18 March 1964


Graham Smith:

Graham was known for her Royal millinery. He emphasized that a hat was part of its wearer, and hence designed hats with emphasis on scale, and silhouette. Graham used lightweight delicate fabrics, which were structured with impeccable grace and taste. Smith Graham was educated at the Royal College of Art in London, and the collection he designed for his final project was so well acclaimed, he was appointed the milliner for Lanvin-Castillo. In 1967 he launched his own label, and moved on to design for the likes of Princess Diana, and The Duchess of York. Graham Smith believed the British Royal family preserved the art of British millinery.


Philip Treacy:

One of the more contemporary milliners, Treacy began his career in the year 1990 when we established his very first private workshop in his home basement in Belgravia in London. Since that time, Treacy became the most sought after hat designer in modern times, everyone had an eye on him, and everyone wanted a piece of his work. He went on to design for Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, and Donna Karan.  He was the first person to ever execute an entire haute couture fashion show dedicated to millinery, at the Paris Fashion Week in the year 2000. Treacy also created the hats for the Harry Potter films; he designed exclusive pieces for Grace Jones, Lady Gaga, Madona, and Naomi Campbell. Philip Treacy was the five time award winner of the British Accessory Designer of the Year from the British Fashion Awards.treacy1_2871104bphilip-treacy-06

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