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A Close Up At Qatar’s National Convention Center


When in Qatar, you expect luxury, you anticipate comfort, and you opt for a relaxing atmosphere, but when we are travelling what we are most compelled to do is explore art, see some exhibitions, and explore the true identity of the culture one is visiting. Some of the locales at which you can see some interesting exhibits, attend some amazing conferences, is Qatar’s National Convention Center.Qatar Convention Center 2

Designed by Arata Isozaki, and RHWL Architects, the locale is located on the Dukhan Highway, next door to Sidra’s Medical Research Center. Qatar’s Convention Center is part of The Qatar Foundation, it is one of the most eco-friendly buildings built in Doha. The center uses eco friendly water conservation techniques, as well as energy efficient fixtures, and 3,500 square meters of solar panels supplying 12.5% of the total energy required to operate such a state of the art locale.

The Convention Center includes a 4000 seat conference room, a theater to accommodate 2,300 spectators, 3 auditoriums, and 52 meeting rooms. Qatar’s National Convention Center also holds a space of 40,000 square meters dedicated for exhibition space.

The center has received some much acclaimed awards including the award for best event venue, won at the Middle East Event Awards in 2013, and many more. This locale will host The Color Run, happening on January 9th in Doha Qatar, and event we will be covering on the blog, so stay tuned!

Qatar Convention Center 3

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