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A Collaboration We Would Have Wished To See

Today we imagined a four-person fashion collaboration from our own imagination. If we were to think about fashion history, we would delve into an open book of shapes, styles, meaning, and muses. So we sat down, and thought about our ultimate favorite fashion figures of all time.  People we wish had collaborated together had time brought them to us at once.

Individual’s whose mix together can bring out the best in fashion, not only today, but also in a manner that defies time, trends, and tendencies. The people we thought about are introduced below, and we will be showing you some interactive artwork, of some of these individual’s work, placed together. A certain mood board per say, to understand how well we think these individuals would have created for fashion.


Gia Marie Carangi

A model that shaped the fashion world during the seventies, shifting the fashion world and remolding it from posed and fabricated shots, into more natural street photography. Gia Marie Carangie died of AIDS from an infected needle.

Art Director:

Alexander Mc Queen

One of the most influential people ever to have been in fashion, Alexander Mc Queen is a graduate of the London school, Central Saint Martins. The designer’s first ever collection, was sold the first day in full, upon its release, the designer is best known for dressing Kate the Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding day, in an ivory satin and silk wedding gown.

Photographed by:

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, is one of these people who make truly memorable photographs, even if you are not familiar with the name, it is decided that he is one of the most iconic photographers, to ever grace history. Originally born in Berlin, he fled to Singapore during the Second World War, and settled in Singapore where he started photography.

Dressed by:

Oscar De La Renta

An artist and painter of magnificent creativity, and an understanding of the female silhouette, that has not recurred twice in the fashion world, Oscar De La Renta is the individual who introduced European glamour to the Americas.

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