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DIY Chocolate and Mint Lip Balm

Winter is here! And with that comes the hassle of dryness, chapped lips, and dehydrated skin. So to deal with those sad chapped lips we tend to run to the closest drugstore and buy the sweetest, most beautifully scented lip balm. When in fact making a natural, more efficient product is only really a closet away from us.

So today, we will be teaching you how to make a wonderful chocolate and mint lip balm, with so many benefits and with a stack of all natural non processed ingredients!

To make this lip balm you will need:

  • One Table Spoon of Coconut Oil
  • One Table Spoon of Almond Oil
  • One Table Spoon of Cocoa Butter
  • Half a teaspoon of Peppermint Extract
  • Half a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • A teaspoon of chocolate chips

So the process is a bit tricky, so you have to be a bit careful, what you will need is a pan filled with water, and on top of that water in the pan place a heat resistant glass or metal bowl, making sure that the bowl is suspended only in water, and it is not touching the pan. Once the water comes to a boil, combine the ingredients into the container or bowl, and mix until the content becomes liquid, and homogeneous.  Once the mixture is ready, pour it into a sterilized container, and place it at room temperature or in a fridge.

Generally the mixture takes about one hour to solidify. So you will need to wait on that, before trying out this splendid lip balm.

Lip Balm

What it will do to your lips is absolutely magical! The benefits you can have from this lip balm are amazing, the oils used contain hydrating elements, vitamins, and some really amazing rejuvenating properties. These oils are used for the treatment of eczema, and other severe skin conditions, that thicken and soften your lips. Vitamin E helps your cracked lips and soothe your scars, as it is also a major substance for the fading or removal of stretch marks.

Not only is this lip balm amazing for your lips, it is also EDIBLE!!!!!! And the best thing about it really (at least for foodies like ourselves), is the fact that it is CHOCOLATE FLAVORED, and delicious definitely.

We really hope that our readers benefit from the natural recipes and remedies we post on the blog. To learn how to make a Coffee-Sugar Coconut Oil Scrub; or to learn how to make Natural Toner and Eye Cream, read our previous articles.

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