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  • Qatar welcomes 6 new food trucks to MIA Park
    What to visit

    Meet The 6 New Food Trucks At MIA Park

    Qatar Museums have announced the six lucky winners that will set up food trucks along MIA Park in the coming weeks. Last year, Qatar Museums announced the availability of five spots…

  • the meatless burger by Impossible Foods
    What to know

    The Meatless Burger By Impossible Foods

    Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods has gotten backing by Bills Gates and Google Ventures for their meatless burger. California startup Impossible Foods believe that they have engineer a tasty burger that…

  • Swiss cheese
    What to know

    Why Cheese Have Holes

    There’s actually a very reasonable explanation to why some types of cheese have holes, and it has nothing to do with mice. As a kid, I always believed that mice sneak…

  • Cloud eggs
    What to make

    This How You Make Cloud Eggs

    Cloud eggs are the internet’s food lovers’ newest obsession and they are so easy to make. Sometimes the foods that look very hard to make are the easiest. That applies to…

  • What to know

    You Shouldn’t Be Throwing Eggshells

    Believe it or not, eggshells are a very nutritious and you should be eating them instead of tossing them in the trash. Unless you’re somehow priory enlightened about this, you also…

  • Millions of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows
    What to know

    Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From?

    A recent study has revealed that millions of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Chocolate milk is delicious, but you have to know that it is regular milk…

  • Cheese
    What to know

    Cheese Can Be As Addictive As Drugs

    Scientists have found what makes cheese so irresistible, it’s certain chemicals found in addictive drugs. It doesn’t sound like the worse thing to be addicted to, but it is true, you…