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  • Santa claus, the christmas tree, and other common christmas traditions
    What to know

    Origins of Common Christmas Traditions

    Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, stockings any many other common Christmas traditions, where did they all start? Christmas is a time of joy and love, when people all over the world…

  • top Christmas movies 2017
    What to watch

    Christmas Movies 2017

    These are the Christmas movies you need to look out for this season. We picked our top 5 and a little bonus for the little ones. It’s that season again. The…

  • Best Christmas Gifts
    What to know

    Best 2016 Christmas Gifts Ideas

    Haven’t done you Christmas shopping yet? We got you covered. Discover the 5 best Christmas gifts for both men and women. With a bit more than two week until Christmas, you…

  • What to visit

    The Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

      The city of Amsterdam celebrates a yearly depiction of art, light, and design with The Amsterdam Light Festival. During the end of November and just in time for the Christmas…