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The Amsterdam Light Festival 2015


The city of Amsterdam celebrates a yearly depiction of art, light, and design with The Amsterdam Light Festival. During the end of November and just in time for the Christmas season, Amsterdam shines bright and colorful with lights adorned all over its abundant canals.

Certain shipping companies participate in this event providing daily afternoon cruises spanning one hour and a half, to show both residents and tourists the wonderful art created by light designers and engineers for the festival.

What you see during this festival is not merely a light installation, during my time in Amsterdam I got to experience first-hand how these marvelous creations are made, and to be honest the people behind them deserve all the credit they can get!

It takes months to work on such huge pieces and creations, this year’s installations included moving depictions of a dancing man across the river, beautiful and huge faces drizzled in lights and beautiful effects and motion. Some beautiful depictions of love, signs saying “Today I Love you”, and themes that are really ever so wonderful.

The residents will indulge in these lovely canals of lights and joy, we have created a visual story for you to be able to see the actual installations found within this year’s festival.

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