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Samsung Finally Revealed Foldable Phone

samsung unveiled foldable phone with infinity flex display

After having teased us for years, Samsung has finally showed up their foldable phone with an Infinity Flex Display.

Is it a smartphone, is it a tablet, or is it both? It’s actually none and both at the same time. Samsung have probably just revealed the world’s first multi-use smartphone, and it’s incredible.

Imagine using your pocket-sized phone, making phone calls, texting, checking out your feed, and you suddenly receive a video you need to watch on a big screen, what do you do? Well, if your phone has a Infinity Flex Display, you can just fold it open and watch the video on your tablet.

Samsung Infinity Flex Display

Samsung Infinity Flex Display

This was basically the highlight of the Samsung event today; a phone that folds out into a tablet, and then back to a phone.

Scheduled to hit the stores in 2019, Samsung revealed the display, but the phone was in disguised. We did not actually get to see the design of the device itself, which was hidden inside a hard cover.

Once folded, the device is the same size a regular phone, but when you fold it out, it becomes a 7.3-inch tablet display with a 1536 x 2152 resolution (4.2:3).

It did however not look thin at all, but let’s hope it was just the cover. If the unfolded phone is thick on itself, imaging how thick it will be in your pocket once you fold it.

Samsung foldable phone

Samsung foldable phone

Samsung used new material to create the scream, which includes no glass at all. The Infinity Flex Display is made from a “flexible and tough” polymer that is strong enough to survive being folded thousands of times over. It was laminated with a new adhesive that allows the screen to flex unharmed, the South Korean tech giant said.

However, many unanswered questions remains, such as how will two screens affect battery life, how will it respond to different apps, and will it ever be think and sleek? Only time will tell.

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