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India Opens Pakyong Airport in The Himalayas

india just opened the Pakyong Airport up high in the himalayas to serve the sikkim state

India just opened its 100th airport, Pakyong Airport, at the top of the Himalayan mountains.

We have seen many nicely engineered airports around the world, but very few are as impressive as the Pakyong Airport in the Himalayas. It was inaugurated on Monday by Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister.

Pakyong Airport is more than just a stip of asphalt, like most small airports serving rural areas. It is in reality a marvel of engineering.

“This airport was built at a cost of $68.7 million and showcases our engineers, workers and their potential — how the mountains were cleared, the ditch was filled, the heavy rains they dealt with. This is truly an amazing feat of engineering,” said Narendra Modi during the opening ceremony.

Serving the remote area of Sikkim state, the airport sits 1,400 meters-high and delivers one of the most thrilling and dramatic take-offs and landings in the world.

Pakyong’s terminal is able to serve as many as 100 passengers at once, and it’s 1.7 kilometer-long 30 meters-wide runway is surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys.

SpiceJet, one of India’s largest low-cost airlines will launch two daily flights to Pakyong Airport, one from Kolkata and the other from Guwahati, starting October 4.

Bordered by both Bhutan and Nepal, the scenery around Sikkim state is breathtaking. It is surrounded by 28 mountains peaks, 21 glaciers and more than 200 lakes.

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