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The Must Try Dance Classes In Doha

Dance and fitness classes are a great opportunity to get active and burn some calories all the while having fun and working on your dancing skills or even your posture. In Qatar, just like anywhere else, you will find different options including ballet, contemporary dance and Jazz.

Classical Ballet

This traditional type of dancing may well be every girl’s dream and even if you don’t want to become a professional ballet dancer, it will increase your flexibility and help you achieve a more elegant posture. If you want to take ballet classes, make sure you head to Enana Ballet Academy, a new artistic hub on the cultural scene of Doha.

Contemporary Dance

Developed during the mid-twentieth century, this performance dance borrows from different styles like classical, modern and jazz and incorporates different movements while emphasizing on fluidity of execution. If you like this type of performance, IAID Academy for Arts, Dance & Music offers contemporary dance classes for adults.

Broadway Jazz

At IAID, you will be able to jazz it up with this theatre-based performance dance! It is a fusion of different styles such as classical ballet, contemporary dance and vernacular style that originated from African American culture. The dance style has developed in parallel to popular music and is executed with production-inspired moves and stints, costumes and props.


We will list Zumba with dance classes because it combines fitness and music in the most fun way possible. Zumba emerged a decade ago and has since then has taken the world by storm and has been a success with everyone who likes Latin music and burning calories. There are many gyms and hotels that offer Zumba classes in Doha and Sheraton Hotel is one of them.



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