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WhatsApp Introduces ‘Forwarded’ Message Notification

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The latest WhatsApp update includes a notification that lets you know when a message has been forwarded.

In an attempt to curb incidents involving fake news and deadly hoaxes, WhatsApp will now alert you when a message has been forwarded to you.

The new update comes after a series of deadly attacks in India were sparked by false rumors spread by the instant messaging service that is owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp hopes that these tiny new notification should be enough to let people known that the message was not written by the sender, but by someone else and were forwarded further.

The notification will show as a little, italic, not in the corner of the message, letting users know that it was forwarded. However, it doesn’t let the receiver know who the message was forwarded from.

Despite this new feature, the company still asks people to forward messages with conscience and care. “We encourage you to think before sharing messages that were forwarded,” they said in a statement on their website.

You will need the latest version of app for this feature to work, so go ahead an update your app ASAP.

The Indian government has been asking WhatsApp to find a solution to spread of fake messages similar to those that sparked the attacks. However, it is hard for the company to track messages because they are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the sender and receiver can read them.

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