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Why Does The Doorway Effect Happen?

the doorway effect is when you walk into a room and forget why you walked in, its not a brain memory problem

That moment you walk into a room and forget what you were looking for, that is called the Doorway Effect.

The Doorway Effect is that moment when you walk into a room and simultaneously forget why entered the room in the first place, and no, it doesn’t mean that you’re losing your mind.

People associate this phenomena with bad memory, and believe that are either losing their mind or getting too old. But in reality, this a perfectly normal event that is also a sign of normal and healthy brain activity.

For a long time, scientists believed that your brain stores things in order, like a flash disk with many files and folders. However, it was recently discovered to work quite differently.

Instead, imagine your brain as a web browser with tens, possibly hundreds, of tabs open at once.

A study from 2011 revealed that the Doorway Effect is the result of an brain working on full power mode. A group of 55 university students were asked to play a computer game in which they had to move through a building to collect and carry items as they move through.

Occasionally, picture of objects showed up on the screen, and if it was the object the participants were just carrying, they click “yes.” They would either appear the moment a participant had just walked into a room, or after they had already entered it.

Surprisingly, the results were the same, the participants had forgotten which object they had just picked up or put down as soon as they walked into a new room – hence, the Doorway Effect.

It was concluded that the human brains sees doorways a bit like we see checkpoints in video games, a new launching point, leaving everything prior behind. It is like when you hit the refresh button your computer.

So far scientists have no found a way to beat the Doorway Effect, but we’re sure they are looking.

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