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5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow

5 Facebook Bots You Should Follow

In case you missed it, you can now chat with Facebook Bots, getting help and information directly through the Messenger app.

We have made a list of five interesting channels you can subscribe to to get started with Facebook Bots.

A few months ago, Facebook introduced bots, offering brands and businesses an easier way to communicate with followers. Through Facebook bots, you stay updated with the latest content from your favorite pages, chat with customer support, subscribe for instant news and much more.

To access the bots, simply click on the “write new message” option and address it to @ followed by the name of the bot you want to chat with.

A few useful bots you could start following:

HealthTap  – Ever had a question that only a medical professional could answer? With the help of this bot, you can have all your health related questions answered within seconds.

TechCrunch  – Technology is changing fast. Stay up to date with the latest tech news, internet products and smart startups.

Hi Poncho  – All you have to do is tell this boot the name of the city, and it will come back to you with the day’s weather and forecasts.

Horoscope – We all like to check our luck sometimes. Let Horoscopedotcom know you zodiac sign and it will read you your daily horoscope. You can even subscribe and get it automatically each day.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) – Who doesn’t love a nice WSJ piece? Through this bot you can stay up to date with current world news, read insightful opinion pieces or subscribe for notifications.

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