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Body Odor and Health, What Smell Means What

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Other than being irritating and embarrassing, body odor can mean that something is not right in your body.

Sweating is natural and it happens to people for all kinds of reasons, but what really matters is how your body odor smells and what it means.


If your perspiration smells of bitterness, it could be a sign of liver problems. A bad liver secretes chemicals with foul smells which will definitely affect your BO.

Fecal smell

If you’re sweat or breath has a rather poopy scent, it could mean that you’re suffering from bowel obstruction. This is usually caused by blockage in the intestinal tract and should be checked by a doctor immediately.


Always smelling like fish comes from a disorder known as the Fish Odor Syndrome, or Trimethylaminuria. The symptoms are a rotting fish scent in the urine, swath and breath of the people who are suffering from it. However, it’s a genetic disease and little can be done to cure it.


When you smell of it, it means that you’ve had too much lately. Your body works hard to break down alcohol, but only manages to metabolize 90%. The rest is excreted through urine or sweat.


If you smell like sugar and candy all the time it’s not because you’re sweet, it’s because you might have diabetes. High levels of ketones in your blood makes you smell sweet and fruity.

Bad eggs

Rotten eggs meant too much meat. Although harmless, high content of sulfuric amino acids found in meat will make you smell rotten.

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