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Meet Black Sapote, The Chocolate Pudding Fruit

black sapote, or as it is also known, the chocolate pudding fruit

The chocolate pudding fruit, black sapote, got it’s name for tasting exactly like the sweet dessert.

In a minute you’ll learn that all your prayers have been answered, and that your children are about to start loving fruit. There’s a fruit, a close relative of the persimmon, which tastes exactly like chocolate pudding – the black sapote.

unripe black sapote (left), ripe chocolate pudding fruit (right)

Unripe fruit (left), ripe fruit (right)

Green on the outside, the black sapote turn freakishly dark on inside once ripe. Not being familiar with it, taking a scoop would not be your first thought, but you should.

Not only does the chocolate pudding fruit taste like chocolate pudding, but it also contains less fat than real pudding. And as far a nutrition goes, it has four time the amount of Vitamin C found in oranges.

Maybe more should be invested into making the fruit more readily available around the world. I mean, who would ever not buy guilt-free chocolate pudding fruit?

The fruit is native to tropical areas and is found mainly in eastern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and well into Colombia.

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