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Does Photographic Memory Exist?

Photographic memory is having a good memory to the ability to remember anything in details

We all have heard that geniuses have a photographic memory, but what does it mean and is there really such a thing?

The concept of a photographic memory as we know, is the ability to remember things in visual details, almost as if you had a high definition photograph of it. There truth is much more complex than that.

In the broadest definition of the word, most people have a type of photographic memory. This is why our visual memory is generally more detailed and efficient than other forms of memories we have – this is why we remember faces more easily than names.

However, this is not what is meant by the term ‘photographic memory’. Even, having a great memory in one field doesn’t automatically qualify you as a person with a good memory.

Some people can win the memory Olympics, but still keep notes to remember tasks to do throughout the day.

How does a photographic memory work then?

No one truly knows. People who have shown to have exceptionally good memory has always claimed to have had it since childhood, and isn’t an acquired skill.

However, different parts of the human brain develop at a different rate. Some people have reported to suddenly sense a spike in their memory abilities during their teen years.

How awesome would that be? To wake up one day and have the ability to remember everything as if it was right in front of you. If I had it, I’d feel like a superhero.


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