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Learn Cooking Levels and Steak Doneness

steak doneness and cooking level - rare to well done

When it comes to fine dining, it’s all about the steak doneness. We’ll teach you how to cook the perfect steak.

Whether you like it bloody, juicy or dry, knowing steak doneness can change your whole dining experience. Not everything is for everyone, so check them out and decide which cooking level fits you.

As you move down the list, the darker the meat becomes, the harder and dryer it is.

Steak Doneness - rare steak, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done

Steak doneness chart.


A rare steak is better cooked for a few minutes over 46 to 49 degrees Celsius. It is the juiciest steak you could eat, and is at the same time very tender. However, not many people like to have a bloody steak.

Medium Rare

For a medium rare steak, flip it over a fire of between 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. It is slightly less bloody, but still juicy and tender.


Cooked at 60 to 56 degrees Celsius, a medium steak is just in between. It is still a bit bloody and juicy, yet very tender.

Medium Well

Medium well is the best choice for people who want a juicy steam that is not bloody at all. It is best cooked at 71 degrees Celsius.

Well Done

A well done steak is rather dry, but is fully cooked through with no redness inside. For a dry, well-cooked steak, flip it at temperatures higher than 71 degrees.

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