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Margot Robbie Working on Independent Harley Quinn Movie

Margot Robbie has announced an independent Harley Quinn movie, away from the Suicide Squad DC adaptations

Forget the Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn is looking for a new gang, an all girls-gang, Margot Robbie announce.

We were all disappointed with the live action adaptation of Suicide Squad, some more than others. While the movie missed so many things, it had one thing right – Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

But despite all the flops Warner Bros. has had recently with their DC adaptations – Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman – the producers are persistent and have more coming our way.

Come to think of it, one only really remembers Harley Quinn from the movie, as well as the awkward Joker that appears for like 5 minutes, just a bit.

Well Margot Robbie will play the role again in Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, as well as in an untitled movie about Harley Quinn and the Joker.

But most recently, Robbie told MTV that she has been working on a spin-off Harley Quinn solo-movie for the past two years.

“I’ve been working on a separate spin-off for Harley for a while now,” she said, stating that the project is “totally separate” from the movies that are under development.

No name and no date has been set for the movie, but Robbie says that “[she] wants to see her with other women.”

“I kept saying it while we were filming Suicide Squad, ‘she needs her girlfriends’. She loves meeting other people but she needs her girl gang.”

Even if we’ve had enough of DC adaptations for now, we will never have enough of Harley Quinn, nor Margot Robbie.

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