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Fight With Cheating Husband Diverts Qatar Airways Flight

Qatar airways flight had to do an emergency stop at Chennai, India, because of cheating husband

A flight from Doha to Bali had to divert and make an emergency landing in Chennai, India, because wife caught cheating husband.

A woman who found out that her husband had been having an affair forced a Qatar Airways flight en route to Bali from Doha to make an unscheduled stop in Chennai, India.

The couple of Iranian origin disrupted the flight after the woman used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his smartphone and found out he was seeing another woman.

Shortly after takeoff, the husband had fallen blissfully asleep, believing that he would wake up in Bali and start his family vacation with his wife and son. However, his suspecting woman seized the opportunity to look through his phone while he was deep in his slumber.

After finding proof of infidelity, the woman – who is claimed to have been drinking – woke her husband up for a mid-flight fight. When the flight attendants tried to calm her down, some of her anger was released on them instead.

Qatar Airways flight QR-962 was a direct flight to the vacation paradise Bali, but was forced to divert and land in Chennai, India, to let the troublemakers off.

“Seeing the situation getting out of hand, the crew decided to offload the woman along with her husband and their child. The pilot diverted the flight to Chennai, where the family was de-boarded. The plane went ahead to Bali leaving them in India,” an India Today quoted an official saying.

While no further harm was done, the family of three came under intense security scrutiny since none of them had an Indian visa.

The family were kept at the airport until the woman sobered up and calmed down before being put on a plane to Kuala Lumpur to catch a flight back to Doha.

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