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Benefits of Hijab Only Hijabi Women Will Understand

Benefits of hijab only hijabi women (women in veil) will ever understand

There many benefits of hijab that are more practical than pure religious rites. Here’s hijabi women could use their headscarves.

Under Islamic rites, the hijab is strongly suggested for women as a general standard for modesty, but there are other benefits of hijab only hijabi women understand. Lets look into some of them.

Hides messy hair

Having a bad hair day? No worries, your hijab will have it hidden in front of anyone you wouldn’t want to notice.

Easier to prepare for parties and events

When women prepare for parties and events, it can take hours. However, it would be a lot faster if you ditch the hair and cut directly to make up.

Slimmer face

With your hair tucked under your veil, your face looks naturally slimmer. Women who are veiled tend to have more exposed facial features and a more elongated, slimmer-looking face.

Photograph without embarrassment

Have you ever sent your girl friends embarrassing selfies you wouldn’t want anyone to see? Well, if you’re veiled and send your friend a picture where you’re not wearing one, she can’t show it to anyone else.

Extra warmth during winter

Goes without saying, having a veil wrapped around your head, cheeks and neck (sometimes shoulders) will definitely keep you extra warm during cold days.

Hair experimentation

Just like every girl, you’ve always dreamt of trying out some new and radical hair styles. Well, try that metallic blue hair dye, and if you don’t like it no one will have to see it.

Concealed conversation blocker

This trick could save you a lot of headache (or cause it). Fit your earbuds underneath your hijab so that you can easily tune out of any conversation you really don’t want to listen to.

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