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Netflix Rolls Out ‘Smart Download’

Netflix has introduced a Smart Download option to the download feature

With the new ‘Smart Download’ feature, binge-watching on Netflix has never been easier.

Netflix have just improved the ‘Download’ feature they introduced in 2016 and made watching your favorite series even easier.

In their latest update, Netflix added a ‘Smart Downloads’ option to the existing feature, which automatically deletes downloaded episodes after they are watched and will download the following episode once the user’s device is connected to WiFi.

The new feature will allow users to save space on their devices and not keep downloaded content longer than needed. Full memory storage is one of the biggest issues smartphone users face.

So instead of manually deleting videos, you can choose the ‘Smart Download’ option inside the ‘Download’ feature and save yourself time, effort and space.

However, this option is currently only available for Android phones and tablets.

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