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The US-Version Of Naked

Naked movie starring Marlon Wayans - Netflix

Netflix just released Naked, their version of Swedish 2000 movie Naken, starring Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall.

Based on the popular Swedish comedy movie Naken, which premiered in 2000, Naked is an equally as funny American adaptation. It was directed by Michael Tiddes and was released on Netflix on August 1.

Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans) is substitute teacher who has – beside to his fiance – never committed to anything in his life. Nervous about getting married to his surgeon-fiance Megan (Regina Hall), he heads out for a drink the night before his wedding and wakes up naked in a hotel elevator and hour before the ceremony.

Trying to make it to his wedding on time, Rob is forced to live the same nerve-wracking hour over and over again, failing to make it each time. Someone is trying to sabotage his wedding, and he’ll have to find out who before he can end the loop.

The movie is as funny and entertaining as you’d expect from Wayans, who also helped write the movie alongside Rick Alvarez and Cory Koller. It is a coming-of-age story of a different kind, dealing with fear from the long-time commitment of marriage to a juvenile adult man.

Other actors who appear in the movie include Jonathan Todd Jackson, Scott Foley, Loretta Devine, Brian McKnight and Dennis Haysbert.

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