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Five Socking Practices Of The Roman Empire

Socking Practices Of The Roman Empire

The Ancient Roman Empire is in reality slightly different from the sophisticated civilization we learn about in school.Discover these 5 shocking facts you never knew about the Roman Empire.

It is hard to find a person alive today who isn’t fascinated by the Roman Empire. We know all their literature, their leaders, beliefs, and the rise and fall of their vast nation that stretched from Europe to the Middle East and North Africa.

Well, you might know that it was a big deal when a gladiator fight was on, or that they had a sewer system in the big cities, but there are still many things to learn about them. We have looked up five very shocking facts about the Ancient Romans for you.

They were vampires

Well not really, but they did drink blood, the blood of gladiators that is. When a gladiator was killed, and there were many reasons for a gladiator to get killed, the Romans sipped down his blood. They believed that the practice would pass on the big, strong gladiator’s life force. It was even harvested and sold commercially.

Time was more flexible

In the modern world a minute is 60 seconds no matter where you are. But in the Roman Empire, an hour could last anywhere from 75 minutes during summers to 44 minutes during winters. Even their days started with dawn, where they would divide the time it took until sunset into 12 hours, and then do the same with night time. Guess they all had a good enough reason to always be late.

They liked to poison themselves

Apparently some Roman thinkers believed that it would be a good idea to drink a bit of poison in the mornings to give your immune system a push. The practice was introduced by the end of the 1st century AD, where a mixture of poisons called Mithridatism was sipped in small dosages daily.

They were bulimic-ish

Well, you can say that the Romans were rather greedy and loved to have more of everything. Much more of everything. They loved over eating and drinking so much that they would eat until they felt sick, casually self-induce vomiting, get it over with and go back to eating and drinking. A vomit bucket was a popular part of any party.

They cleaned in urine

It was exactly as it sounds. They Romans would collected urine from people, yes, people’s urine, and use it to wash their clothes. The clothes would be soaked in a tub full of urine, and a guy would casually jump in and trample-away all the stains and dirt.

Source: Bright Side

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