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No Christmas Decorations Before Qatar National Day

No Christmas Decorations Before Qatar National Day

The reason you’re not seeing Christmas decorations across Qatar yet is the upcoming Qatar National Day.

While most of the world is getting dressed in red and green and other festive colors, Qatar won’t be dressed in Christmas decorations until after the Qatar National Day.

Earlier this month the Qatar Tourism Authority sent a memo to hotels around the country, reminding them to focus on National Day celebrations. The holiday has become a sacred tradition since Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani made December 18 the official day, replacing September 3, Qatar’s independence day, in 2007.

Also known as Founder’s Day, National Day is held every December 18 to commemorate the unification of the country. It was on December 18, 1878, that Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani succeeded his father as the ruler of the Qatari peninsula. It was his efforts that unified the tribes of the peninsula and formed a strong enough alliance to combat colonizers and intruders.

With less than a month to the big day, Qatar is currently overwhelmed with preparations for the festivities that will most likely start on December 8 and continue through until December 20.

For the upcoming weeks, the streets of every corner of Qatar will be decorated in the proud colors of the Qatari flag, with national music and activities everywhere you look. If you are looking for a flag yourself, they are selling around town starting at QAR 105.

shutterstock_362848589During the festivities, several activities and shows have become tradition. They include a fireworks show over the corniche, with my music and lights. There will also be a large public parade passing through the Doha corniche on the day, along with members from the armed forces and internal security.

As usual, the concentration of activities will be held at Katara Cultural Village. In fact, the Katara National Day celebrations have become rather iconic to Qatari heritage.

Follow us for more information as we will be posting schedules of activities as we receive them.

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