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  • Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey
    What to visit

    Three New ME UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    UNESCO introduced three new landmarks in the Middle East to their 2017 list of World Heritage Sites. Since 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been recognizing…

  • 10 Abandoned Cities Around The World
    What to visit

    10 Abandoned Cities Around The World

    Get ready to amend your bucket list, because you’ll want to visit these 10 abandoned cities before you die. Civilizations rise, civilizations fall – this has been a continuous pattern throughout…

  • Ar Rakiyat Fort, one of many Forts in Qatar
    What to visit

    Forts In Qatar

    While many choose to spend their time off on the beach or shopping, others might want to discover these five beautiful forts in Qatar. In recent decades, Qatar has transformed from…

  • Meet Khobaiz the Qatar flower for 2017
    What to know

    Meet Khobaiz – The Qatar Flower For 2017

    The “A Flower Each Spring” campaign has chosen Qatar’s indigenous Khobaiz as the flower for the year of 2017. The campaign which starter in 1999, which aims at spreading awareness about…