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The Easiest DIY Bubble Bath Recipe

DIY Bubble Bath

Learn how to make your own DIY bubble bath at home and never leave the tub ever again.

Especially with winter coming up, there are few things in life that are as satisfying, calming and relaxing as a warm bubble bath. We have gathered an easy and great DIY bubble bath recipe that you can do at home alone.

You will need:

Half a cup of mild, liquid body soap
One tablespoon of honey
One egg white
A few drops of essential oil

First of all, find a medium-sized bowl to mix your ingredients in. However, it is a good idea to keep a small jar or bottle close by in case you want to store some of your mix for another day.

When it comes to the soap, make sure to pick a soap that is mild and will not dry out your skin. It is fine to choose a scented soap, but keep in mind that if you are using essential oils, it would be preferable to use unscented soap.

To get separate the egg white from the yolk you will need to crack an egg open, and gather all yolk in one half. Hold both halves over the bowl, and keep moving the yolk from one shell to the other, and the white will slowly drip into the bowl. Repeat until you have it all in.

Even though the essential oil is optional, it can serve you greatly. Therefore, you should choose a scent that you personally like and find calming.

Mix all four ingredients together in the bowl, gently and slowly. When feel like you have an even consistency, pour the mix into the jar or bottle you’ve picked out.

To your DIY bubble bath mix, pour some into the bathtub while it is filling with warm water. Everything is pretty much serene from there on.

Keep in mind that your mix contains egg and can get spoiled. Store it in a refrigerator, and try to use it within a few of days.

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