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5 Things To Check Before Getting An Apartment

5 Things To Check Before Getting An Apartment

Getting your first apartment might be exciting, but don’t rush into it just yet. We will teach you the tricks to getting an apartment.

When it comes to renting an apartment, especially if it’s your first time, people are usually so overwhelmed with excitement that they do not look closely to details that can cause them headaches later on.

Whether you’re moving away for college, work, or relocating with your spouse after marriage, getting an apartment can be tricky. We all look at the aesthetics, and that’s normal. As children we all fantasize about our first venture away from the home we grew up in, and how our own home will be and look like. That is why we always look at the apartment or house we are considering renting or buying in a very idealistic way, and give into the marketing techniques we are fed.

Of course, we all want a beautiful view, large balconies and bathrooms, and a place to put the piano, and these are the perks any salesman will be telling you about. But what no one will ever tell you about are the details necessary for a comfortable living condition. While your first or next home should be perfect and fit for all your dreams, consider the following before signing any contracts.


The plumbing of an apartment (or house) is nothing you can see or feel. When it comes to the parts you can see, like the bathroom facilities and pipes, they are usually polished or replaced before the an apartment is set up for new tenants. But problems usually happen in the places you can’t see, like the in-wall plumbing. That is why it important to get an expert to take a look at the entire plumbing system and check it for any blockages, weak points or other possible situations.

Water seal

People rarely move during the winter, and that is the reason many people suffer from leakage during rainy weather. No one can really tell if the roof, walls and windows are water sealed and will prevent any water leaking into your home. That is why it is important to get a professional to test the entire apartment for leakage. Keep in mind that spilling a bucket of water on the roof won’t prove much, since leakage sometimes happen slowly and through long routes of small cracks and passages.

Condition of facilities

Well, we all want a place complete with all facilities that makes a home comfortable. But when it comes to water heaters, air conditioning and radiators, they can be just newly painted and look new. You do not want to find out that your water heater is doesn’t work or uses up too much electricity. Nor do you want air conditioning or radiators that don’t provide the right temperature. Other problems relating to such systems can include noise, smell and electrical problems, that is why it is important to have them checked as well.


The same thing goes for the electrical works of an apartment. The plugs and switches might seem new, but the cords and circuits might not be. You do not want to find a problem in the electrical works your new place as you plug in your new refrigerator, and you do not want to deal with a hidden short circuit (which can lead to a fire). Get an electrician to make sure that all circuits, cords and fuses are new and functional.


And finally, talk to you potentially new neighbors. If you are going to live in a place for a few years you will need to know the people you are going to share the building with. Speak to more than one group of neighbors. Ask them for things like if they ever had problems with their apartments or other neighbors, and whether they are considering moving or not.

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