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Who Were The Sumerians & Did They Build An Alien Airport?

Ancient stone carving with cuneiform scripting made by Sumerians

According to a government official the world’s first airport was built 7,000 years ago in Iraq by the Sumerians, but who were they really?

The Iraqi transports minister has claimed that the first airport was build in Iraq some 7,000 years ago, and was used by the ancient Sumerians to visit Pluto. The Sumerians lived in the historical region known as Mesopotamia, or the cradle of civilization, as far back as 5500 BC.

Speaking to reporters from the city of Dhi Qar, the minister claimed that the civilization of Sumer built and used to airport for space travel, correcting modern researcher’s translation of ancient scriptures.


Despite the Mr. Finjan’s outlandish claims, Sumer was in fact a very impressive super civilization, and one of the earliest recorded in history.

The Sumerians inhabited the valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq, sometime 7000 years ago. Archaeological evidence suggest that they had built around a dozen city-states by the fourth century BC, the oldest and largest of which was Uruk, a thriving trading hub protected by six miles of defensive walls, and had a population of between 40,000 and 80,000.

Calling themselves “the black headed people”, the Sumerians were very inventive. They credit themselves for the invention of the sailboat, the wheel, the chariot and the plow, all essential to the development of civilizations into the world we know today.

They were also the first people to have a written language, cuneiform, which helped them write down laws, document scientific discoveries like maths and astronomy, as well as history and some of the world’s earliest literature and poetry.

Their invention of agriculture and irrigation, made them the first urbanized civilization, and even though lost for millenniums, their discoveries are still used today. They created a math system based on the division of 60, which is why we still follow the sixty-second minute and sixty-minute hour to track time.

Seems like we owe much of our modernization to the inventions and discoveries made by the ancient Mesopotamians. The innovation of their time became the basics needed for the growth of civilizations and science.

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