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The First Black Moon In Two Years This Friday

A black moon will occur on Friday, September 30

There will be a black moon tonight, which could mean werewolves, Armageddon and even the end of time.

Tonight, Friday, September 30, the inhabitants of planet Earth will witness a rare black moon, and hopefully it won’t lead to an invasion by a pack of manwolves.

A black moon is the rare event of a second new moon in a single calendar month, and will be completely invisible, blending in with the darkness of the night sky. This extraordinary lunar event happens approximately every 32 months, and was last seen in March 2014.

It is the exact opposite of a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in one calendar month.


Phases of the moon – NASA

This is maybe best explained by the difference of a full moon and a new moon. A full moon is when the side of the moon facing Earth is completely illuminated by sunlight. Contrary to a new moon, which happens when the side of the moon facing Earth is in complete darkness. Unfortunately this means that there is not much to see of the black moon, it will be so black it will just dissolve into the darkness of the night.

Since you won’t be able to see the moon, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. The absence of moonlight makes it a perfect night for stargazing, as the light from distant stars will light up the night sky without interference from the strong light reflected off the moon.

Still, people who believe in the supernatural have many theories of what a dark moon means and can bring. Pagans used to believe that spells and potions work best during this a second new moon, while others believe it to be when werewolves appear. Some even believe it to be a sign of the end of time, but hopefully it’s none of them.

People living in the Western Hemisphere, can observe the lunar phenomenon tonight, starting around 8:11 PM Eastern Time. However, for those living in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia) the black moon will occurs after midnight, but since it will be October 1 it is not considered a black moon officially.

To make things spookier, the Eastern Hemisphere will have their black moon on October 31, yes, on Halloween.

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