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  • NASA's OSIRIS-REx has found traces of water on the asteroid Bennu
    What to know

    NASA Finds Signs of Water on Bennu

    The NASA explorer OSIRIS-REx has found evidence of water molecules on the asteroid Bennu. After making a two-year trip to the asteroid Bennu, the NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has found water fragments…

  • the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 dropped two MINERVA-II1 robotic rovers onto the asteroid Ryugu
    What to know

    Japan Lands First Rovers On An Asteroid

    Over the weekend, a Japanese aircraft landed two rovers on the surface of an asteroid during the world’s first mission of its kind. Two small Japanese robots have safely landed on…

  • Elon Musk will send Yusaku Maezawa to the moon in a SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket
    What to know

    Elon Musk Is Sending People To The Moon

    Elon Musk will send a Japanese billionaire and eight other people for a vacation around the moon. Elon Musk has announced that he will be sending Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and…

  • The moon - Scientists have found water ice on the lunar surface
    What to know

    Water Ice found On The Moon

    For the first time ever, scientists are positive that frozen water exists on the surface of the moon. With every major announcement (discovery), Nasa is changing everything we thought we knew…

  • Nasa has launched the Parker Solar Probe towards the sun
    What to know

    Parker Solar Probe Is Off To The Sun

    Nasa has just launch the Parker Solar Probe, the first mission to explore the surface of our sun. Nasa made history again on Sunday morning after they launched the Parker Solar…

  • A large body of water has been found under the surface of the planet Mars
    What to know

    Bodies of Flowing Water Found on Mars

    Scientists have found large bodies of water hiding underneath the surface of Mars. Today we are closer than ever to discovering alien life on Mars. Scientists have detected a lake with…

  • 12 new moons, including oddball Valetudo have been found orbiting Jupiter
    What to know

    12 New Moons Discovered Orbiting Jupiter

    Scientists have found 12 previously unknown moons around the planet Jupiter, and say that one is a suicidal ‘oddball’. A breakthrough discovery has revealed 12 new moons hiding in plain sight…