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Mobile Screening Buses To Fight Breast Cancer in Qatar

Mobile Screening Buses To Fight Breast Cancer in Qatar

A mobile breast screening unit tours Doha in a state campaign against the rising rates of breast cancer in Qatar, a mobile breast screening unit.

Mobile screening bus to fight breast cancer in Qatar - QNA

Mobile screening bus to fight breast cancer in Qatar – QNA

In a nation-wide campaign to encourage women to get screened and tested for breast and bowel cancer, a mobile screening bus will tour Doha, offering check-ups.

The bus will be visiting various locations in Doha, and offer mammograms to women who made a prior appointment with the service by calling the call center at 8001112. It was also announced that the screenings will be performed by female mammographers assisted by lady nurses, in a private setting.

The initiative is part of the state’s fight against the breast cancer in Qatar, which is currently the leading form of cancer in Qatar. According to the Qatar Cancer Registry, breast cancer accounts for 31 percent of cancer growth in the country’s woman. The breast cancer rate in Qatari women is 56 cases in every 100,000, which is higher than the Middle East and North Africa average rate of 43 cases in every 100,000 women. It is these figures the government are trying to lower, and raise awareness about breast cancer protection and detection among women.

Breast cancer is cancer that, even though develops in men, develops mostly under the breast tissue in women. Without professional help, women usually discover they have breast cancer after feeling a lump in the breast, but it starts developing a long time before it is felt.

As the risk for breast cancer increases with age, doctors recommend women aged between 45-69 years old with no breast cancer symptoms to get checked at every 3 years. The reason doctors recommend mammograms is because it can help them detect developing cancers before they can be felt by a regular checkup.

Early breast cancer detection can have nearly 100% cure rate, if found in time. Whereas in its later stages, breast cancer can be really hard to cure completely, and can lead to fatalities.

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