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Netflix Review – The 100

The 100 is not your average apocalypse TV show. It portrays the clash of civilizations and generations in a witty futuristic setting, action-packed, leaving you in suspense until the next episode.

The story starts off in a space station, The Ark, nearly a hundred years after the complete desolation of earth, after a nuclear armageddon left the planet uninhabitable. Being the only known survivors, left behind on 12 space stations, joint together to form the Ark, they take it as a life mission to return and repopulate earth for the future of mankind.

With supplies, air and food running low, Chancellor Jaha and his council decides to send a group of 100 individuals, too young to face Floating (an expulsion sentence given to any crime an adult commits), down to earth to see if the surface has cleared up and is inhabitable again. Known as the 100, the kids battle through the planet of their ancestors, trying to understand the world they were sent to explore and repopulate.  

The 100 have trouble organizing on their first days on earth, until they find out that they are not alone. They now have to fight together for their lives on their new home, while waiting for the rest of the Sky People (people of The Ark) to come down.

Being expelled from The Ark, not all children feel warmly about the rest of the Sky People, and some even seek out personal vendettas. While promising themselves that their lives on earth will not be as hard as on The Ark, they learn that hardships come along no matter where you are.

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