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A Super Secret Steak Recipe

This one is for all of you living alone, longing for a home-cooked gourmet meal, or looking to impress friends over for dinner. Finding good recipes is easy, given the fact that you have internet access. But making a great steak is not that hard. First of all, take look at what you have lying around your kitchen cabinets. Some spices, some herbs, vegetables from your fridge, and some tender meat fillets.

Don’t be afraid to mix. When it comes to marinating the steaks, let your taste-buds lead the way, just feel it out. Add some black pepper, garlic powder, some curry, sea salt, and what else you have around and believe might fit into your mix, and use plenty.

When the marinade is ready and you’ve rubbed your steaks down in a festival of spices, heat up a pan with a little olive and frying oil, add some lemon juice or vinegar, or even both, and throw in the steaks.

What people find tricky about steaks are the sides, well everything goes with a steak. You can make bit of pasta of your choice, some fries, or mashed potatoes, but the magic lies in throwing veggies into the pan. Throw in some fresh mushrooms, or cut potatoes, maybe some carrots, onions and paprika, or maybe all together.

When you have browned the steaks and they become ready, neatly assort them onto plates. The outcome will taste great, and you will have your own secret steak recipe.

This is not your conventional recipe, because with steaks, believing is the key. As long as you have tender meat fillets the rest comes easy.

Mix, match and fry… Bon appetite!


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