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100 Grams of Less Than 50 Calories

When dieting, we always tend to count the calories. So today, instead of having you count the calories we have created a list of foods, which will give you minimal calorie intake. These foods give you less than fifty calories per each one hundred grams.

Apple: 52 calories

Kale: 49 calories

Oranges: 47 calories

Beets: 43 calories

Grapefruit: 42 calories

Carrots: 41 calories

Mushroom: 38 calories

Onions: 34 calories

Watermelon: 30 calories

Lemons: 29 calories

Turnips: 28 calories

Cabbage: 25 calories

Cauliflower: 25 calories

Asparagus: 20 calories

Zuccini : 17 calories

Tomato : 17 calories

Celery : 16 calories

Cucumber : 16 calories

Keep in mind that this calorie intake corresponds to 100 grams of food.

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