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Dean & David: A Healthy Eatery In The Heart of Doha

Doha is a place we truly enjoy visiting, and with so many options and places to try, we often feel quite some guilt over the delicious yet unhealthy eats we have all week. So during the past week, we went searching for healthy alternatives, which include eating outside, however eating healthy as well.dean-david doha

We went asking around, and our friends recommended a locale in The Pearl, this place is called Dean and David. We visited for lunch, and happily the food was delicious and truly healthy at once. We tried the red curry, their super special smoothies, their soup, and their deserts, and all the items were scrumptious, with good portions, and a fair price, which could be bettered.dean and david doha

The locale is well decorated with hues of beige, wood, and white, which make it quite organic looking, especially given how healthy their menu is. Within this week, we will be visiting many more of Doha’s finest and healthiest restaurants, so make sure your check the blog for more places, and more details.  dean-and-david doha

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