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Taste Some Gözleme & More At The Turkish Food Festival In Doha

Turkish food is amongst the most appreciated food in the world and Agora Restaurant at Grand Heritage Doha Hotel & Spa in the Aspire Zone is launching from the 7th until the 22nd of March a Turkish Food Festival named Gözleme.

The name of the festival is after a traditional Turkish flat-bread and pastry dish, similar to the famous Mexican quesadillas but with simpler stuffing. This tasty street food snack, prepared with thin pieces of dough called ‘yufka’ that are rolled out by hand, is then stuffed with delicious fillings of cheese, spinach or seasonal vegetables.

This exciting culinary event launched by Grand Heritage Hotel in Doha in association with the Turkish Cultural Center, will take place in the hotel’s signature restaurant from 1 p.m until 11 p.m starting on the 8th of March until the 22nd, since the inaugural ceremony on March 7 will be open only for the press and the invited guests.

During the festival, a special setting will be put in place to “recreate the magic Turkish culture, visitors will be offered a ‘mystical nostalgic ambiance’ that is enhanced by live traditional Ottoman music and complete with rich aroma of Turkish tea and its delicious sweets”, said Durmus Budak, Head Chef of Agora Restaurant

Moreover, the restaurant will propose a special à la carte menu with a selection of delicious Turkish dishes with authentic flavors of Turkey, prepared by the culinary team of Agora.

Commenting on the event, Budak added: “Turkish cuisine is one of the most diverse and most delicious culinary cultures of the world. The idea behind the event is to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Turkey, generate better awareness of traditional Turkish food and encourage local residents and guests to try it out”.

Other than these dishes, guests will be able to treat themselves to the famous Turkish delights and the national treat and main feature of this festival, Gözleme that will be freshly baked by a lady flying all the way from Turkey to Doha.


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