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Apple Publishes Letter To Customers After FBI Requests Unlocking An Iphone By Brute Force

Today, we woke up to some drastic news from Apple. Our favorite electronics manufacturers apparently had plenty to say concerning the American Federal Bureau of Investigations. Apparently, the FBI have requested that Apple build a backdoor for their encrypted Iphones, in order for the FBI to access some information needed to built their case against the San Bernardino shootings.

Apple then came forward with a public letter for their customers, detailing the nature of the requests, and the reason for which apple did not agree to build this backdoor.

The Federal court order to unlock this iphone, and apple’s response caused quite a muted reaction from all other tech companies. Google went to Twitter expressing that this request may be a troubling precedent for the industry. While Microsoft, and Facebook declined to comment on the subject.

Tom Cook expressed in his statement that this request overrides decades of tireless nights, and of extensive security control. Apple vows to constantly keep its users, with secure privacy, and especially in matters of personal information and trust. Apple truly wants to protect the privacy of all of its users.

Click here to read Tim Cook’s full letter to Apple customers.

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