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Fuego: A Taste Of Argentina In The Heart Of Doha

When we are abroad, one of the least reliable things we trust to eat outside is Argentinean cuisine. This specific type of cuisine requires proper meat, exquisite marinades, intricate temperatures, and it is basically chemistry for the purpose of food.

However, while in Doha we discovered one perfect option for an exquisite Argentinean dinner, this place goes by the name of Fuego at Doha’s Shangri La Hotel. Chef Sebastian Barcudes, is the executive chef at this beautiful restaurant.

This chef has garnered extensive experience by travelling to sixty countries and experiencing their delicious local dishes first hand. When chef Sebastian Baracudes first embarked on his quest for discovering the good tastes of the world, he discovered his avid love for pastries, and began making them. Bit by bit, the chef began embarking on bigger adventures, and greater knowledge of culinary delights.

The menu at Fuego, includes some amazing items, from starters, to soups, salads, signature dishes, a large selection of meats, all imported from ethical sources. Their menus also include some succulent principal dishes as well as some beautiful deserts.

Fuego is definitely a must try, a place that maintains quality, and with consistent flavors. Every time we visit Fuego we are compelled to return. For reservations, check out Fuego’s website.

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