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Qatar National Sports Day: Highlights Of A Great Day

As all of us are aware, today is National Sports Day in Qatar, this is an event we have been very much anticipating, and that we have already told our readers about in this article. So today, is an absolutely great day for everybody in Doha, the energy everybody is in looks super dynamic, happy, well organized, and very healthy.
Every corner of Doha is celebrating today; it has become a number one trending topic on twitter with the trending hashtags #QNSD and #QNSD2016. Activities for all ages, games, sports, classes, and group activities take place on this day in every corner, from Aspire Zone, to Aspire Academy, to Universities and Schools, as well as Katara, The Pearl, Barzan Youth, Al Shurfah Outdoor, and so many more entities taking part in this event.
Embassies are even organizing activities, for instance The Embassy of The Netherlands named themselves team orange, and rode bikes, and participated in group fitness classes. This day is truly something everybody is celebrating, with a special appearance of HH Sheikha Moza today, participating in her own way.
Also, an amazing initiative is about be announced today, and it is made by Qatar Charity, who are launching an amazing initiative, a charity by the name of charitysteps.org, it motivated individuals to become more active in their lifestyles, in a very unique way. When you download this application, and with every step you take, detected by this health application, more funding goes into schools, hospitals, and people in less fortunate situations. This application is both an amazing initiative on the level of the body and the mind. Individuals are encouraged to be healthy by doing well to other people, it is an amazing and an extremely creative initiative, especially knowing that unfortunately Qatar has 39% obesity issue among its people, so encouraging a healthy lifestyle is another step in a conscious direction for this country.

If you have not yet participated in the events happening today then you must kick on your running shoes and head to the nearest event happening because the entire city of Doha is celebrating health and fitness today!

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