What to know

On The Science Of Swearing

Swearing is something we do involuntarily sometimes, when we curse or swear we speak of anger or frustration mostly, however most of the time we do not understand why we do these things, so to understand and better comprehend this phenomenon we have rounded up a list of facts, they go a little bit like this:

  • For every 200 words we use one swear work, differing dramatically according to age groups, and peaking throughout adolescence.
  • Most kids begin swearing at the age of two.
  • By the time a child goes to school he would have acquired nearly 30 to 40 rude terms.
  • Adults use an average of seven curse words from a pool of ten, leaving with a 0.5% daily output of swear works.
  • When humans get profane they use body parts, poo, animals, and sex as curse words.
  • Cursing is most common among folk, men, and extroverts.
  • Films and series which use profane words appeal to people better since rude words foster a sense of intimacy and connection.
  • Corprolalia is the damage of the language centers of the brain, where people begin to involuntarily swear.

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