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Harrods Opens A Temporary Pop Up Store in Katara

An amazing event happened in Qatar during the past few days. The fashion and lifestyle giant, Harrods has opened a unique, and state of the art pop up store in the middle of the gorgeous Katara Cultural Village.


The store is a concept that Harrods had already done in Italy two years earlier, and this year their fashion experiment took place in none other than Katara, one of the most renowned art circles in the gulf.

The store held a number of 13 luxury brands, with unique pieces arriving specially for the event. What was also amazing about the pop up store was its diversity, and with some seriously cool luxury pieces, from jewelry, to watches, to even chocolates, and teas. Not to miss this detail, the venue is a 6,500 square meter space, with so much diversity, and pieces that truly are art in its most concrete form.

The concept also includes a great pizzeria. It was first opened to select guests, however a few days later everyone was able to visit. This pop up store will stay open until the twenty sixth of January 2016, and to know more about the event, you can visit the Katara Website.

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