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What Went On At The Qatar Jewelry & Watches Exhibition

A few weeks ago, we brought some big news, regarding the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition happening in Qatar. So this exhibition went on during the past week, and some really interesting events took place. The significant event this year was the fact that this exhibition did not only hold countless brands and giants in the world of Jewelry, however a big part of this year’s edition was informative, and educational. For the first time the Doha Jewelry & Watches Exhibition organized workshops in order to educate enthusiasts, and young upcoming designers.

Some of the talks educational talks will cover topics including high-end watch manufacture, timeless legacy jewels, how to evaluate diamonds, and the essential qualities of good gemstones. All these topics are important for the jewelry industry, and it is really great that educational segments are included within this event.

As discussed in our previous article, the entry to this event is free, and it was organized by Qatar Tourism Authority in partnership with Elan Group. The event took place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC), near City Center Mall in West Bay.

This show promises to dazzle extravagantly, with a huge array of more than fifty brands showcasing their very finest creations, in addition to more than five hundred celebrated and upcoming brands. This even celebrates beautiful jewels, and is a milestone we look forward to every year.

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