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A Must Visit: The Anima Art Lounge In The Pearl

A few days ago we introduced Doha’s best art galleries, however the list was so long and so exhaustive that we have decided to bring you some additional options to be able to browse the best in art, theater, music, and literature that this peninsula has to offer. The gallery we will be discussing today is called The Anima Art Gallery.

Anima is located within the famous and trendy area of The Pearl, the gallery covers an area of 570 meters squared, and it overlooks the beach front. The gallery was inaugurated during the year 2012.


What Anima does to the art scene in Qatar, does not stop at displaying fine exhibitions of the best in Doha, and abroad. Anima not only curates art, it also holds workshops, and classes dedicated to educating individuals on matters of art, as well as art consultancy with regard to execution of multimedia, and contemporary art.

The Anima Art Gallery is also home to an amazing lounge, where one can chill out, have a light sandwich, and enjoy a warm drink while browsing the best in art magazines, books, and so.

Anima art gallery holds works from amazing artists such as, Manuella Guiragosian, Maurro Perruchetti, Paul Guiragosian, and Jean Mark Nahhas.

Anima is definitely one of the best art galleries found in Qatar, and it is definitely worth visiting, especially if one decides to stay at The Pearl.

To learn more of Qatar’s best art galleries, read our previous articles for better guidance, or visit the Anima Art Gallery Website for more information on how to get there.

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