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A Guide For Doha’s Best Art Galleries

Art is one of the things most worth fighting for in a culture. When a certain country comes to mind, the first of the things one chooses to see while visiting is their art galleries. Art is what you see everywhere, in architecture there is art, in urban planning there exists art, in folklore there exists art.

Art is basically everywhere, so today we have taken the time to select some state of the art galleries found within Qatar. The aim of this list is to give you some insight on what to visit, and where to find great art in Qatar.

The National Museum of Qatar, is a great location to visit; designed by the amazing Jean Nouvel, the museum is built with quite a unique structure that spans out as though the segments of the buildings were actual desert roses. It is built around a historic palace called the Amiri palace, and it is a place of both preserved heritage, and modern creativity. Definitely a must visit!



The Museum of Islamic Art, we have previously brought you a detailed article about Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art. The museum includes amazing works from the Arab world. It holds some beautiful textile art, calligraphy, ancient and unique carpets, as well as antique manuscripts, state of the art ceramics, and glass wear.


Museum of Islamic Art Doha

Alriwaq, is in close proximity to the Museum of Islamic Art, it was built in 2010 as a temporary venue for two exhibitions, however the locale was so well designed and built, that is became a standalone venue for some amazing artists from all over the world. With featured works by the brilliant Damien Hirst. Alriwaq is on Doha’s corniche, and it is one of the greatest galleries found in Qatar.

DOHANOTEBOOK1-master675 Damien-Hirst-Mind-You-Qatar-Al-Riwaq-Doha-3 damien-hirst-the-immortal-shark_web_image

The above are only some of the many art galleries with amazing art curated in Qatar, we will soon be bringing you a detailed article on Qatar’s Katara, a cultural village in Qatar that holds sums of culture, art, and education.

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