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Absolutely Everyone Can Netflix And Chill From Now On

Yesterday was a defining day for film enthusiasts all across the Middle East. In their keynote, Netflix announced that, as of yesterday, Netflix streaming service will be available in one hundred and thirty additional countries! And we all know what that means for us! It means loads of binge worthy series, films, and documentaries, simply a click away.

Now we have been using Netflix for quite a while now, so gladly, we are bringing you our detailed recommendations, telling you more about the shows, and movies we find to be compelling.

As you might know, every month Netflix releases numerous features, it also withdraws some features from its streaming service, so from here on forth, every month, we will bring you a dedicated article on what is coming to Netflix, and what is leaving Netflix.

For now however, we have already reviewed some films we have seen on Netflix, of these films are Iris, which you can stream on Netflix by searching into Netflix’s rich and versatile library, we also reviewed The Wolfpack, an amazing, feature that we think is worth seeing.  Not to forget the amazing documentary picture about The Source Family, a cult group that showcased a unique manner of belief, and of religious practice.

Hearing this news made our day, and we will be super happy to bring you some forthcoming recommendations for binge worthy dramas, comedies, series, and many more.

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