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Why We Love Iris Apfel

Many fashion icons have graced the covers of magazines, and fashion columns. Some define eras with drastic looks, and strong statements, these icons are usually dressed for these covers. Nevertheless today, we take a look at one icon, which not only impressed us during a single era, but has made a lifelong impression on the fashion world.

This icon is Iris Apfel, was born in New York in the year 1921. Iris’s parents were a boutique owner, as well as a mirror manufacturer. During her upbringing, Iris showed a unique interest in fashion. She grew to become truly iconic, with her flair and taste for merging high end couture, with gems and unique pieces found at flea markets.

With Apfel’s timeless and creative taste came her affinity for electric colors, creative prints, and her individuality. The manner, at which Iris Apfel decorates an outfit, is completely timeless, bold, daring, and effortless.

“The worst fashion faux-pas is looking in the mirror and seeing somebody else.”-  Iris Apfel

Having been raised looking at stacks of fashion magazine, I believe individuality in fashion is what makes or breaks an icon. Plenty of individuals have a great fashion sense, but it takes the qualities that Iris has in order to stand out.


Apfel truly stood out, regardless of her good taste, what Iris adds to the fashion world is a pure sense of creative genius, molded into shapes, fabrics, and colors.

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art featured Iris’s timeless unique collection; the exhibition was titled “Rare Bird”, a literal depiction of what Iris is.

Happily, a documentary was released on Netflix, titled Iris, and documenting her brilliant fashion sense, and her keen sense of humor, and intelligence.

It takes more than a few good outfits for a woman to become such a sensation. Apfel has owned the fashion world at large, and has been a source of inspiration to so many women, as well as designers. We cannot help but adore this woman for what she has done to the fashion industry.

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