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The Difference Between Traveling To A Country The First and Second Time

When you plan to take a trip, one of the first things that come to mind is the recollection of your vacations at previous destinations. Usually the chances of picking to travel to the same tourist destination twice is not the smartest decision, as you will be seeing more of a culture you have already seen.

This is true, but it is not entirely concrete, and does not apply overall to how well you have enjoyed a certain destination. In this article we will explore, and delve into the importance of seeing a place twice, and whether or not it is a good decision.

We have created a chart that includes the main points a person takes into consideration when choosing a destination, and how this affects their travel, according to two charts, the first chart is the 1st time visiting chart, and the 2nd is the second time visiting chart.

During a first time visit:

  • You see all the main touristic monuments.
  • You try to learn how to commute according to culture.
  • You eat at the main tourist destinations, probably ones you have seen online.
  • You see an overall shallow view of the edge of the local culture.
  • You see countless tourists mainly your chances at meeting a local there are very slim.
  • Tourist sites and attractions also attract hefty pocket money.

During the next visit:

  • You delve into the more rural areas of a city.
  • You know how to commute.
  • You visit the suburbs and discover how locals do things.
  • You learn to eat where the locals do which is a real money saver.
  • You learn how locals behave with their environment, the weather, and the roads.

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